Sharrock Machine & Welding, Inc. is a machine shop dedicated to the repair and fabrication of large industrial components. It was founded in 1964 by Roy B. Sharrock, a native of Chickamauga, Georgia, who learned his trade while serving in the Navy during World War II. Roy was later joined by his sons, David and Glen.

In 1977, Sharrock Machine & Welding was incorporated and renamed Sharrock Machine and Welding, Inc. While it remains at its original location, it has undergone, and continues to undergo, expansion and modernization. It is located in the Alton Park area on the south side of Chattanooga, an area that is currently undergoing a large-scale revitalization.

In January, 2001, David and Glen took over the operation of Sharrock Machine & Welding, Inc., while Roy continued as a consultant. Roy remained in that capacity until his death in February of 2004.

In April of 2005, David retired and Sharrock Machine & Welding, Inc. continued under the direction of Glen Sharrock. Glen’s oldest son, Joshua, is also employed with Sharrock Machine, making it a third generation family business.

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