Management Team

Glen Sharrock – President
Glen began his career at Sharrock Machine at the age of 17. As the son of Roy B. Sharrock, a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Sharrock Machine, Glen was forced to work his way up from within the company, from sweeping the floors, to machinist, to manager. Now, over 40 years later, Glen is an accomplished machinist, fabricator, and small-business owner responsible for the overall operations of the company.

Kym Sharrock – Vice President
Kym joined the team at Sharrock Machine in 2005. A graduate of McKenzie Business College in Chattanooga, she possesses a high business acumen that has been essential to Sharrock’s growth and expansion over the last decade. In addition to her role as Vice President, she is also responsible for the accounting and human resources activities for the company.

Mike Green – Sales Manager
Mike is one of Sharrock Machine’s longest tenured employees, having started in 1981. After nearly 30 years as a machinist, Mike transitioned into a sales role in 2005. He has been vital in building and maintaining customer relationships over the last decade, making him one of Sharrock’s strongest assets.

Tommy Cross – Plant Manager
Tommy is the newest addition to the Sharrock Management Team. Arriving in mid-2012, Tommy has been tasked with managing the machine shop floor from day one. He has extensive experience in machining and fabrication, and brings a broad knowledge of different aspects of manufacturing to the company.

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